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04 Jan 24

The biggest tides in Europe

The Great Tides, a unique event in Europe

The High Tides are an exceptional phenomenon to be discovered throughout the year in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, during the full moon period. The Kêr L bed and breakfast is fortunate to be located on the port of Cancale, offering a panoramic view of the bay of Mont Saint Michel from its sea view rooms.

The Kêr L guest room offers you an exceptional panorama of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel. During high tide, come and admire this phenomenon while staying warm in your room. Book a night in one of our sea view rooms so you can enjoy the show. For photo enthusiasts, the exceptionally high sea will offer you unique shots. In periods of gale force winds, head towards Saint-Malo to admire the "sea jumping" over the Sillon.For the less experienced among you, wait for low tide and go fishing on foot to collect various shellfish: almonds, clams, cockles and razor clams. Did you miss the spring tides in February? Don't panic, they come back almost every month .

So don't hesitate any longer, book your guest room in Cancale now. To find out the dates of the 2020 high tides, go to the Saint-Malo infos website .



12 Feb 20

Event: Amazing Travelers

International Book & Film Festival

Like every year, Étonnants Voyageurs makes a stopover in Saint-Malo for a weekend. From May 30 to June 1 the Étonnants Voyageurs festival awaits more than 60,000 people within the grounds of the Grand Large palace in Saint Malo and in nearly 25 other places. If you too want to go to the Festival Étonnants voyageurs de Saint-Malo, buy your tickets now on the festival's official website .

The international book and film festival Étonnants Voyageurs today is meetings, debates, films, literary cafes, breakfasts and aperitifs with the authors, shows, exhibitions, readings, youth events, a huge book fair ... a veritable celebration of literature for all audiences and for all ages!

The guest roomKêr L is located only 15 minutes by car from Saint Malo, and we will be delighted to welcome you during your literary weekend. Reserve your room now .



11 Feb 20

Event: Mont Saint ‑ Michel Marathon

May 24, 2020: The Mont Saint Michel Marathon

This year, on May 24 , 5,000 runners from all over the world will line up for the Mont-Saint-Michel Marathon . A unique time trial, at the heart of a thousand-year-old site, listed as World Heritage of Humanity and which attracts over 100,000 enthusiastic spectators.

Come and enjoy a night as close as possible to the start. Indeed, the Kêr L guest house in Cancale is located a few meters from the start of this emblematic race. Do you want to fall asleep with a view of Mont Saint Michel, the arrival of the race ?! Our sea view rooms offer a unique panorama over the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and the famous Holy Grail: the majestic Mont Saint-Michel. Come and take advantage of the unique experience in the lineup that can be seen from the start.

For the occasion Laura offers you an "early bird" breakfast from 6.30 am.
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